Monday, December 5, 2011

A real sporting superstar - and a Jesson's boy

Here's a picture of Reece Brown, a former pupil at Jesson's.

The picture is not very good (it was a scan of a blurred photo) but you can clearly see the Three Lions on his shirt. Yes, he represented England at Football in a recent match.

Mr Shackleton, who watched it on Sky Sport, says:

"He looked very good. He is at the Blues at the moment  - he even gets educated there.

He was far and away the best footballer, cricketer and basketball player in his year group. In fact, an all round athlete. When he captained the cricket team, I found him to be an excellent leader and also a team player.

It's the proudest moment for our school, ever."

And I wouldn't disagree with that. Well done Reece - we are soooooooo proud of you.